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To make sure our young musicians can complete auditions before the Early Registration Deadline on Aug. 15th, please submit the following pre-registration form at your earliest convenience. We plan to host auditions for our young musicians over the next few weekends.


Audition Location: 311 Boston Post Road, Orange CT 06477 (before September). Appointment is needed.



1.     SCCS registration fees: $0 before Aug. 15th. Normal: $20; Late (After September): $40.

2.     SCCS membership fees: $20

3.     Rehearsals are held weekly by three groups: $10 for the 45 Minutes Group; $15 for the 90 Minutes Group; $20 for the 135 Minutes Group.


Audition Instructions:

1.     Scales:

String players: One-octave scales in the keys of C, G, D and F for entry level. Two to three-octave major scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats for advanced level.

Woodwind and brass players: one-octave scales in concert keys up to 3 sharps and 3 flats for entry level. Two-octave scales in concert keys up to 4 sharps and 4 flats through their range for advanced level.

2.     A solo of contestant's choice that best presents the applicant's level and ability. 

3.     Sight reading will be supplemental for those who want to be considered leaders in both levels.


You will be contacted about your audition time.



Due to the high volume of applicants, video audition is optional. You can send in a YouTube link to   However, you must have filled in the aforementioned Google Forms, and included your full name and age in the email so that our team can correctly identify you.


Should you have any questions about the auditions, rehearsals and performances, please contact


Thank you and good luck!


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